Challenge Yourself to be a Champion

March 30 2020

The social distancing mandate has been extended until April 30th. While this is more time than any of us are used to spending purely at home, this concept itself isn’t new. Similar techniques have been used throughout history when other plagues and diseases spread. While these pandemics can cause extreme disruption to our everyday lives, what we do with our extra time is an attestation to our true character. When the Great Plague of London occurred, Sir Isaac Newton used his time in isolation to make some of his most famous discoveries.

During Kingsgate’s first ever Tele-Town Hall, I shared this article about Newton with the 35+ members of our team that dialed in. While our team is spread apart in this time, we’ve implemented weekly calls to update, motivate and connect with our team. For part of our first call, I was able to share good news about the hard work they’ve put forth and fruits of their labor the past few weeks. On this call, I reminded them that focusing on the future and not the past will keep Kingsgate the leader in our industry. It’s how we all utilize this time that will set apart the champions from the runner-ups.

Back to Newton… in his time away from school, he formulated the start of calculus (the bane of my existence junior year), his theory on optics and – most famously – this is when he sat under the apple tree and theorized about gravity and motion. With these discoveries in hand, he later returned to school and was quickly promoted; within 2.5 years, he became a professor at the university. While that level of discovery might be a stretch, the principle is still the same – use this time to do something great.

Ways to better yourself, your world, your industry, etc.:

  • Read (industry books, informational books, fun books)
  • Listen to informational podcasts
  • Do crossword puzzles, sudoku and other brainteaser games
  • Reach out to long time customers – be there for them in this challenging time
  • Do the thing on your to-do list you’ve been avoiding
  • Build your network – people are seeking connection now more than ever

There are numerous ways to challenge yourself throughout this time. How will you better yourself and emerge a champion?

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham



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