Bringing the Kingsgate Family Home

June 15 2020

The past few months have not been easy for most businesses. Kingsgate has been fortunate to remain open since the COVID-19 pandemic began, though that doesn’t mean things have been easy for us. While we have struggled, we have not stopped pursuing advancing the company and continuing in our quest towards greatness. Our tech team is killing it with new service options for our customers, our sales team keeps improving and growing each month and our margins are holding steady in tough times. These are difficult times, but as Winston Churchill famously said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Kingsgate sees many opportunities and we’re rising to the occasion!

Kingsgate is a company who continues to redefine ourselves, adding an entirely new approach going to market while adapting to unforeseen challenges. The changes made over the past few months were made with our customers, carriers and employees in mind. Their safety and our customer service are at the forefront of what Kingsgate stands for. The lessons our company leadership and employees have learned as a result of COVID will ensure our ability to navigate roadblocks now and in the future.

Now, the Kingsgate Family is coming back to our offices. I have high confidence in our preparation and plan to bring our team back and even greater confidence in our ability to keep everyone safe. It will be good to have the band back together! I asked a few employees what they’re most excited for when coming back and they all had one thing in common – “comradery,” as Becca H. put simply!

Here’s what some of our other team members said:

 “The comradery; we have such a great group of people working for this company that you can't help but miss being around them and working side by side with them. Also, it’s easier to communicate and be there for each other (i.e. celebrating our successes together and picking each other up when we struggle). With remote work, you really don't know what each other is going through unless they reach out to you.” – Steve K.

“I’m very much looking forward to being back with all my teammates! We’ve done a great job staying connected while not all in the same office, but I have missed the comradery that comes with being in the same place.” – Rian B.

“I'm excited about having the gang back together because I miss the office comradery. The workday goes by much faster when you work around family!” – Ben G.

It’ll be nice to have everyone back together again and a taste of normalcy while also being dedicated to each other’s safety.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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