Celebrating Father’s Day

June 22 2020

Yesterday I got to celebrate Father’s Day with my two girls and wonderful wife. I always cherish spending time with family and enjoying each other’s company regardless of the occasion. Father’s Day is a day of reflection for me – I think about my incredible dad and all the amazing memories we had over the years. Most of my younger years are full of memories on the baseball field together – me playing and him coaching. Then there was all the family holidays where Christmas Eve was always the big deal (my mom’s birthday)! Then as we got older, he’d have Amy, David and me over with all the grandkids to swim and grill out. We have so many treasured memories as a family.

With Father’s Day and Tom’s memory in mind, I asked the Kingsgate Family about their favorite Father’s Day memory or activity. Here’s what they said:

  • “My favorite Father's Day memory comes from a 7 or 8-year-old Hannah. My birthday and Father's Day were on the same day, so I ran a string throughout the house leading my dad to his Father's Day gift. He followed the string till he got to a closet I was sitting inside holding the other end of the string (hint: I was the gift????). Being the oldest it's so fun to be able to celebrate these two special days together!” – Hannah T.
  • “Last year my daughter gave me a plastic toolbox for Father’s Day. She had painted all over it with markers and paint and she was really excited to show it to me. And when I opened it up, there were a bunch of her drawings and daddy artwork inside. Later that day we went out for ice cream and played putt-putt. Best day ever.” – Ben G.
  • “Our Father's Day tradition has turned into an annual at-home BBQ! I am very much looking forward to Chef Jeff's famous smoked meats, courtesy of the Big Green Egg. He even sports a custom apron.” – Rian B.
  • “My Dad spent all summer watching baseball day and night. His favorite Father’s Days were the ones he spent watching baseball without us kids ‘’bustin' his chops’’ about monopolizing the TV. (Yes, for the youngins we only had one TV!)” – Melissa B.
  • “I was able to take to my Dad to Washington DC for Father’s Day in 1998. He was able to see his best friend's name on the Vietnam Memorial for the first time. He gave his own life so Dad’s platoon could survive. It was a pretty powerful moment. I was definitely glad I was able to do that with him, especially on Father’s Day.” – Eric S.

I’m so blessed to have the wonderful family I do and for all the warm Father’s Day wishes I received!

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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