Blog Takeover - Communication in a Crisis

July 13 2020

Kingsgate’s Director of Communications here checking in for a blog takeover about crucial communication during a crisis. Across the nation, businesses are still trying to overcome the challenge of communicating effectively during a global pandemic. While so many organizations’ employees are still working remote or partially remote, leadership will find it crucial to maintain high communication levels.

We all feel the pains of trying to focus during virtual meetings, trying to understand project plans from an email and missing out on in-person communication with your comrades at work. Managers feel there’s only so many ways to motivate employees in a remote work environment. At the end of the day, the strongest tool for battling these challenges is a solid internal communication strategy.

At Kingsgate, we have worked tirelessly to create a company culture that serves as a foundation for what makes us the Kingsgate Family. It is imperative for us to do everything possible to provide our team with opportunities for feedback and open channels for communication to keep our culture strong throughout these trying times.

The tools we have invested in and practices we’ve put in place allow for everyone to easily connect and stay in touch. Something I always recommend when talking with our partners is investing in a solid CRM like Zoho that includes a variety of internal communication platforms. Our “Connect” platform serves as something similar to an internal social media network where company leadership can provide crucial updates in real-time and receive feedback from employees. “Cliq” serves as an instant-messaging tool for quick updates and catching up with co-workers. "Zoho Meetings" provides our team with the ability to video chat with screen-sharing capabilities.

Utilizing all of these tools and keeping an open-door policy helps everyone feel like they’re in-the-know at Kingsgate. Here are a few suggestions for how you can communicate effectively at your organization during a crisis:

Communication is key. What are some of your best practices for communication in a crisis?

All the Best,
Rian Beckham

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