Now Introducing: #FreightTechFriday

July 27 2020

I’d like to take today’s blog to introduce you to our newest social media campaign that we’ll be kicking off this Friday, #FreightTechFriday. As most of our frequent followers know, Kingsgate has emerged as a leader in an industry that is comprised of often slow adopters of new tech. In the past two years, we’ve created a new Strategic Development and Technology Department, doubled our IT staff and made a seven-figure investment into building out this part of our business. We have made immense strides in advancing our logistics technology to benefit our employees, carriers and our customers.

Throughout the #FreightTechFriday campaign, Kingsgate’s Senior Vice President of Logistics Tom Curee will highlight the various facets of Kingsgate’s technology suite. In these short segments, we hope to give customers and viewers a small glimpse into some of our technical offerings and how they can help businesses improve the way they move freight and meet the demands of customers.

Curee says, “we’re excited to have this opportunity to showcase some of the work our team has been able to accomplish over the last year. We’ll cover everything from analytics, to RPA, to PO visibility/management, along with many other tools and features we use to help solve supply chain challenges. While I get to take on the fun part of showing how it all works and what we have, it’s our entire team internally that has done the heavy lifting to bring these tools to our clients.”

Kingsgate Logistics has always embraced innovation and technology to benefit both our customers and our employees. We look forward to diving in deeper and sharing details on how transportation technology can provide pivotal insights to improve the industry as a whole.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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