12 Years of Second-Generation Ownership

August 24 2020

An important Kingsgate anniversary passed over the weekend. August 22nd is an exceptional day for our family. First, it is special because my sister, Amy, and our dad share the same birthday. But on August 22, 2008 – 12 years ago – Kingsgate was passed from one generation to the next. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 years since Amy, David, Julie and I bought the company from our parents. When I think back on that time and how incredible that experience was, all that we have overcome and all the company has accomplished – that is equally remarkable.

A few years back, I shared this blog reflecting on our ten years of owning Kingsgate and it’s crazy how much has changed in just two years since I wrote that post. I reflected on the challenges we faced as new business owners right as the economy collapsed. We often tease that our parent's time to exit was perfect and our timing to acquire… was not so great! After those struggles, we came out of all it much better prepared and much wiser about what we needed to do for our company, our families and all the families that are a part of Kingsgate.

We now find ourselves wading through uncharted territory as we navigate around the roadblocks the COVID-19 pandemic has caused for the world economy and businesses everywhere. Kingsgate is continuing to move forward remaining faithful to the tenets of our founding: hard work, the highest integrity and exemplary service to our customers. Despite the twists and turns, we’ve been through I know we couldn’t be here today without the hard work of my siblings/co-owners, the trust of our customers and carriers, the dedication of our employees and the support of all of you!

Each year brings new lessons, challenges and opportunities. We can’t wait to continue the journey!

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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