Conference Countdown: Making (Virtual) Conferences Easy as 1-2-3

October 19 2020

Last year around this time, Kingsgate shared this blog about our team attending conferences right and left – connecting, talking and meeting with people from all over to learn and network! Like most events, the conference format in 2020 looks much different and, in true COVID fashion, have gone virtual.

In my 2019 blog, I shared three easy steps to ensure conference attendees received the best ROI on their time and money spent and wanted to share our team’s 2020 virtual conference tips and tricks. I said this last year and it remains the same regardless of the circumstances. “I am a believer that you get what you give and being engaged at the conference sessions will result in the best takeaways.”

Here are three easy steps for virtual conference attending:

  1. Set-up and Prepare

Last year, we shared tips on the importance of packing the right items, dressing to impress and researching before attending the events. In a virtual world, there’s less travel and less need for “packing,” but the preparation aspect is still just as crucial. Do your research on speakers, topics and sessions. Additionally, set yourself up for success – set-up your workstation, check your internet connection, ensure you’re on mute and make sure you look professional (from the waist up at least)!

  1. Continue Virtual Connections

Normally, conferences have various networking events where all the attendees can meet and exchange information. Expanding your knowledge and network are the two best opportunities’ conferences can bring about and in a virtual world this is no different. Make sure you write down questions – we know Zoom calls can get hectic, so follow-up with speakers personally and engage. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Then share your experience and knowledge with others! There are so many ways to share information – I implore you to keep connecting and sharing.

  1. Encourage Engagement and Feedback

As I said at the beginning of this blog – I believe you get what you give at any conference, whether virtual or in person. Participate in the prompts, use the chatbox and share your feedback and thoughts. We’ve all been on a video call where the moderator asks for feedback and you can hear the crickets chirping… be ready to help keep conversation moving and if things get too hectic as I mentioned above make sure you’re ready to reach out and connect after the session.

2020 has been a strange year and navigating all these new challenges isn’t always easy, but seeing the resilience of the human spirit and finding ways to keep these events happening has been amazing! Keep connecting, learning and growing. We’ll all come out of the storm better than we entered it.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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