Amy Barnett: Women-Owned Business of the Year Finalist

November 09 2020

This week, the Dayton Business Journal is hosting their annual Business of the Year awards (virtually). Kingsgate was honored to be nominated and named as a finalist for the Women-Owned Business of the Year award for the third year. Each time we receive a nomination I am humbled, honored and grateful, but also am reminded of the wonder woman that is my sister, Amy Barnett. Without her contributions to Kingsgate, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Amy is always there to help with projects and consistently makes time to assist every employee at Kingsgate. It’s been important for us as a family business to have every member of our staff treated the same. With that notion in mind, we have our work family we often refer to as the “Kingsgate Family” (as I’m sure you’ve seen many times on the blog) and Amy is the glue that keeps the family together. She’s the first person to cheer you on after you experience success and also the first person to lend a helping hand if you’re solving a problem. Amy cares for this company and the people who work here. She is an integral part of our ownership team and truly makes Kingsgate a better place.

Working, operating and growing Kingsgate for just under 35 years has been one of the most challenging but worthwhile things I’ve ever done. Each year brings different successes and struggles, and this past year has been a difficult and strange year for so many. I am constantly thankful for this business, our employees and the work my siblings and wife have done. To that point, I am especially thankful for Amy; we could not operate Kingsgate the way we do today without her. Amy truly puts immense effort into all she does, especially when it comes to maintaining Kingsgate’s legacy.

Amy’s work has defined and shaped the Kingsgate. When we are nominated for awards like Women Owned Business of the Year, I feel like we’ve already won, just by having Amy as part of our ownership team. Thank you Amy for being such an incredible sister, business partner and friend.

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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