Blog Takeover: March Madness Mayhem

March 22 2021

It’s Hannah – Kingsgate’s Senior Marketing Specialist and Ohio University Bobcat Alum taking over the blog this week. With the March Madness games starting this past Friday and a few bracket busting upsets, no one having the ability to predict college basketball is feeling quite relatable. (Especially compared to the past year we’ve had and life in general.) March Madness is the perfect reminder to expect the unexpected.

If you know me at all, you know I wouldn’t be described as a sports fan. If I’m being honest, I like sports for the comradery and activity aspect more than anything, but I’ve always loved March Madness. There’s something special about the upsets, the unpredictability, the desire to root for the underdog… the fact that someone with no major sports knowledge could do just as well filling out their bracket as a sports aficionado. This brings me to Saturday’s game where the 13th-seeded Ohio Bobcats defeated No. 4 – and defending national champion – Virginia.

Again, if you know me, you’ll also know I am a proud Ohio University Bobcat, graduating from the university and some of the most amazing years of my life in 2015. While I didn’t necessarily attend OU for the sports, I did fall in love with the university, the campus, the town and the community in Athens, OH. This win means so much to Athens, to the students, to the alumni… and no one would have predicted it. Maybe that’s what makes the win so sweet? Not thinking it would happen but rooting for your team anyway and the electric pride you feel for the underdog team.

Life is unpredictable and it can bring about changes, results, victories and losses we weren’t expecting. Last year, our world was flipped upside down – we pivoted and grew from it. Last Saturday, Ohio U beat the defending national champion – we celebrated and enjoyed it. As a non-sporty sports fan, these are the times I understand why sports are so captivating and thrilling. Jeff has written a few blogs on relating sports and business (here and here) and there are certainly many parallels between sports and the many facets of life. Those are the lessons I can certainly appreciate!

My love of March Madness and Ohio University has never been stronger. Thanks to both of those things for the reminder that sometimes the unexpected is to be appreciated and learned from.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah Combs

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