Get to Know Your Customers Day: 2021 Edition

April 12 2021

This Thursday is the quarterly “Get to Know Your Customers Day.” I’m glad this is a quarterly “national day” because it’s a consistent reminder of how important it is to talk with your customers and get to know them, their wants and needs. For me personally, I always focus on challenges our customer (or prospective customer) is facing. Anyone can come in and handle the “easy stuff.” We focus on challenges and opportunities to show our customer that we aren’t just a broker providing trucks. So, if a customer is facing challenges with their supply chain, we will focus there. If they are having issues with getting service in a particular region, we will focus our energies there.

From the beginning, we are working to deliver innovation and solutions to problems our customers are facing. This focus leans into fostering long term relationships that last for years. I often tell prospective customers we are a logistics solutions company and not just a logistics services company.

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ve probably seen that I’ve shared a few different blogs about the importance of this day in 2020 and back in 2017. In both blogs, I referenced this, “I would be doing a disservice to our team if I failed to recognize their efforts in getting to know our customers. Kingsgate wouldn’t be able to build strong bonds with clients if it weren’t for our team. The Kingsgate Family is integral in initiating, fostering and growing so many relationships with our clients. They work each and every day to make Kingsgate customers feel like an extension of the family while getting freight shipped!”

I find that increasingly true today, so I asked a few of our top sales reps what they do to get to know their customer. Here’s what they said:


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I often find myself feeling so fortunate to have developed true friendships with some of our clients over the years and am proud that our team takes a unique approach to getting to know all our customers so we can serve them in the best way possible. Here’s to our customers, past, present and future – you’ve been fundamental to our success. THANK YOU!

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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