Blog Takeover: A Meaningful Mother’s Day

May 10 2021

Hello again, Rian Beckham checking in for another blog takeover. Being a female member of the third generation of the Beckham/Barnett family, I wanted to take this opportunity to speak to how much I appreciate the special women that I’ve looked up to my entire life.

Despite the gloomy weather yesterday, my family was still able to get together and make things bright by gathering for a Mother’s Day brunch to celebrate the moms in our family. In attendance was my Grandma Merry, Aunt Amy and my mom, Julie – three strong leaders at Kingsgate. I love all three of these women for so many reasons – the life lessons they’ve taught me, the example they’ve set for me and all the special moments we’ve shared together. These ladies have been the best grandma, aunt and mom I could ever ask for.

In addition to showing what it means to be matriarchal figures in our family, these women paved the way for female leadership in logistics through their work at Kingsgate. As many of our readers know, my Grandma Merry is one of Kingsgate’s founders and had the vision for our business. My Aunt Amy and mom, partners at Kingsgate, have shown how to operate as strong female leaders in a male-dominated industry. They’ve all shown me what it means to be an empowered woman in logistics and have encouraged me as I continue to make a path for myself in this business.

I’m blessed and grateful to have such incredible women in my family who have served as role models for me in a multitude of ways. I hope they know how much they inspire me in both my personal and professional lives. In this spirit, I’d like to share a few Mother’s Day quotes that I relate to when thinking about how lucky I am to have such incredible ladies in my life. Happy Mother’s Day!