Big, Weird Freight: What the Truck?!? Recap

June 07 2021

This past Friday, June 4th, Kingsgate’s Tom Curee joined “Dooner and The Dude” on FreightWaves’ podcast What the Truck?!? During their time together, hosts Timothy Dooner and Michael Vincent spoke with Tom about some of our clients’ strange dimensional freight that we’ve hauled. Being in business for over 35 years has resulted in some truly interesting big, weird freight… trust us.

Here’s a link to the full episode, and here are the highlights of our top four biggest, weirdest hauls:


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We have a history of being willing to take on any challenge a customer may throw at us. In our earliest of days, our founder, Tom Beckham, once helped Duke Energy to move a smokestack into Cincinnati and he had to bring it via barge because they contracted to have it built and it was built in one piece. It was so large, it couldn’t travel down the road, so they shut down the river and brought it on a barge. That foundation sticks with us today as we are often called on for those big, weird requests that our team stays committed to executing perfectly.


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We have a client that we are bringing floor-loaded kayaks in a 53’ trailer cross-country, to then split and distribute to all of their stores. We’ll haul 70+ of these kayaks, loaded by hand, onto a truck that’ll take a good 2-4 hours of actual loading time to get put in place and then another 2-4 hours of unloading at the dock. When you think about storing these products in a warehouse, you have to get creative to make sure their placement is up to code because they’re a fire hazard with too many close to each other, but you also need to store all of these kayaks out of the way.


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We used to ship these oversized telephone poles that actually required a driver in the back part of the trailer to help steer the back end because the trailer had to be so long to bring the poles in.


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We run into numerous situations where our customers run into random shipping needs that we just fill. Not too long ago a customer just said, “we have a huge bucket we need to get shipped to Mississippi,” and of course our response is always, “sure!”

All the Best,

Jeff Beckham

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