Blog Takeover: Maximize on your Vacation

June 14 2021

Hannah, Kingsgate’s Senior Marketing Specialist, here – taking over the blog this week because today’s my first Monday back from vacation! As much as I wish I was still on the beach with my family, I am feeling so happy, rested and recharged after a week away from the hustle and bustle of work.

Since summer is just starting and vacation season is upon us, I wanted to share some of the things I did to make sure I made the most of my time off.

  • I prepped for a successful vacation before I even left the office.
    • It’s crucial to prepare yourself for success before you leave for vacation, so I took Jeff’s advice and asked myself these five questions before going out of office (and used this checklist) to ensure I was all set to be out-of-office for a week.  
  • I trusted and checked in with my team while I was gone.
    • One of the things I love about working at Kingsgate is the teamwork and genuine care for each other. It’s so wonderful to be able to leave work and know my team has my back! They updated me while I was out of town and I checked in with them to make sure they were okay throughout the week. That helped me with my next tip…
  • I unplugged and enjoyed my time off. 
    • As I said before, I truly trust my team and very briefly checked in with them throughout the week and because I knew things were being taken care of, I was able to let my auto-reply run and take time to relax with my family.

That last tip is truly key to maximizing your time off and getting the most out of your PTO. If you’re on vacation, it’s important you truly take that vacation and a deserved break from work! Working in the logistics industry, there are certainly times where the unexpected happens and you may have to hop on and help out your team and, most importantly, your customers. Remember to maximize your vacation: prepare, trust, check-in, unplug and enjoy.

Thanks for reading and happy summer,

Hannah Tobin Combs


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