Blog Takeover: National IT Professionals Day 2021

September 20 2021

Tomorrow is National IT Professionals Day! In celebration of our IT team and to thank them for all their work, Mark Keller, Kingsgate’s Vice President of Technology, is taking over our blog!  


On National IT Professionals Day, I’d like to recognize and be thankful for the amazing IT team I work with at Kingsgate. We are a small team, but a dedicated and hard-working team. No member hesitates to contribute to any task and all are willing to learn new things and stretch to achieve. We really do live at least one of Kingsgate’s ethos, being “restless.” 

I’ve been in this trade for 38 years and if you are earnest and sincere about really being accomplished, no day is ever routine. In my 38 years technology, the tools we use have made more advancements than can be described. However, some things have remained the same. Most things you are doing you have never done before. The job you need to do today almost always requires you learn something new. You can’t be afraid to take risks and you’re always uneasy about outcomes, for this is the only way to get anything done. The rush you get when you have a successful test or see a user’s smile never gets old. 

Here’s to the great team I work with. Thanks for everything you do to constantly stay on top. 

-- Mark Keller 

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