At Kingsgate we understand the value our freight carriers bring to our business. Our carriers are key to fulfilling our promise to our customers: that with Kingsgate Logistics they’ll ship confidently, with safe, optimized and reliable transportation services.


The benefits of working with Kingsgate

Carriers are integral to our team, and we have the standards and processes in place to make sure the Kingsgate carrier experience is the best you’ll find in the transportation logistics industry. And just like we commit to honesty with our customers, we make sure every carrier in our network has the accurate information they need to successfully make each shipment.

Industry-leading practices

Kingsgate has been recognized as a “Best Broker” from the National Association of Small Trucking Companies and we’re P3 Partners of the Transportation Intermediaries Association for our commitment to best practices and adherence to industry ethics.

Transparency & Efficiency

We hold ourselves to a 30-day payment policy and promise fairly negotiated prices, reasonable fuel surcharge consideration, accurate dispatch information, and a respectful environment with no hidden surprises.

Commitment to Diversity

As a Woman Owned Business Enterprise, we are committed to developing relationships with minority- and women-owned carriers. We believe this builds a best-in-class network that can meet any customer need and prepares our industry’s infrastructure for the future.