Compass Technology

Real-time data for seamless decision-making.

How It Works

Providing your Team the Tools to Properly Manage your Transportation Spend

We believe the key to successfully managing your transportation spend is unlocking the black box of data. Compass allows us to bring access to your team that’s necessary to do just that.


Our visibility tools give you more than just access to the truck that’s in-route. How many SKUs are on the shipment? Did they ship on time in full (OTIF)? Did our vendor meet our PO requirements? The right visibility will do more than let you know where the truck is, it will help you run your business.


We leverage a proprietary consolidation engine to maximize your trailer utilization. We analyze every shipment based on classification, dimensions and 20+ other data points to ensure your transportation spend gets the most bang for the buck.

Ease of Use

With so many technology tools being made available in the marketplace, we understand the need for users to get the information they need quickly, without a 40 page user manual. Compass is built around your users, customized to use the same nomenclature that your team is accustomed to.

Vendor Benefits

Autofill features

Autofill Features

Reduce order entry and increase accuracy

Help Desk Availability

Give your vendors support, not just a manual
Comprehensive Resources

Comprehensive Resources

Our vendor users get the resources they need to process your data

Analytics Engine

Our analytics team builds custom dashboards and reporting based on your business needs. Our 38+ years of experience will help your team focus on actionable data, to do more than just look pretty.

Find Your Fit

Offering customized solutions based on your network needs

Compass Base

A good fit if you need a place to store your load information and keep a handle on what is in route. Give your team visibility to shipments and stop tracking in spreadsheets. See more details below.

Compass + Analytics​

For those shippers that are ready to move beyond storing data and want it to become actionable. Adding our analytics platform with unlimited dashboarding brings your visibility to the next level. See more details below.

Compass + Analytics + PO Module

When you’re ready to tackle your inbound supply chain, our PO module is the next step to your visibility journey. The PO module enables inbound visibility to your supply chain, bringing procurement and transportation to the same table. See more details below.