Case Study: Hammacher Schlemmer

Learn about the benefits of using sophisticated technology to improve supplier relationships. Through utilizing technology like Kingsgate Compass, companies can increase trust, transparency and efficiency between buyers and suppliers.
Supply Chain Visibility, Supply Chain Analytics
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Hammacher Schlemmer

Improving Supplier Engagement


Hammacher Schlemmer leadership chose Kingsgate Logistics’ Compass technology to give their teams and suppliers a better way to engage with one another.


Customers are burdened by few options for communicating with suppliers, and suppliers have few tools for visibility. Poor technology and lack of data forces organizations to waste time reacting to problems rather than anticipating them, ranging from delayed delivery times to payment issues.

  • Improved relationships with vendors through offering them a one-stop platform with access to a vast number of carriers and providing them with P.O. visibility
  • Reduced customer service call volume by solving problems previously handled by several calls and emails
  • Improved warehouse space management with the utilization of Compass’ shipping notifications and flags

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