Case Study: Freightwaves SONAR

Learn about the benefits of a logistics business, like Kingsgate, using predictive data to provide its employees and customers with transparency into the market.
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Freightwaves SONAR

FreightWaves SONAR to Automate Workflows, Improve Service Levels, and Grow Business


Kingsgate began using FreightWaves SONAR’s data and insights to help power its business. A key reason that Kingsgate chose SONAR, the industry’s premier freight forecasting platform, was the depth and breadth of data available through SONAR. Kingsgate applies SONAR’s data and analytics on behalf of its customers in addition to its own proprietary software. SONAR-related initiatives include:

  • SONAR is used in conjunction with its McLeod Software transportation management system
  • As a 3PL that services the entire United States, Kingsgate uses SONAR’s national data and analysis for information on all 135 major freight markets
  • SONAR’s Predictive Rates tool is a key feature used by Kingsgate to generate accurate pricing for RFPs/RFQs
  • The SONAR Signals feature provides internal information that is also shared with customers and prospects
  • At about the same time the pandemic lockdowns began, Kingsgate started sending its customers and prospects a weekly market update email that contains key information obtained from SONAR
  • SONAR’s chatbot feature sends automated messages daily to Kingsgate’s dispatchers, letting them know that specific loads have been covered
  • Kingsgate was one of the first companies to begin using FreightWaves Mission Control system after it was introduced in May

Kingsgate Logistics began offering FreightWaves’ SONAR Signals to all current and prospective customers on its website in early May. They can review the SONAR data before requesting a quote. Kingsgate sales manager Brad McCaleb said, “This is an excellent jumping-off point for customers and prospects to get a free glimpse of the type of data we can provide for them.” Kingsgate has invested in the advancement of its tech capabilities and is consistently seeking to be ahead of the curve by helping its customers make informed decisions. As stated on the Kingsgate website: “We’re ready to fill whatever role customers may need in a 3PL provider – from strategic partner to on-demand resource. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. No matter the type of shipment, we’ll be accumulating and sharing knowledge and data at every touch point to ensure our customers are minimizing risk and cost. We’re able to provide this level of data through added partnerships with industry experts like FreightWaves.” Jeff Beckham, the Owning Partner of Kingsgate Logistics, wrote, “We’re so excited to see what this feature [SONAR Signals] can do to help our customers!


SONAR helps Kingsgate Logistics provide its employees and customers transparency into the market. It also powers the weekly market reports that are an internal information tool and an external information and marketing tool. It sets Kingsgate apart from other 3PLs by showing its customers that it is working to mitigate their transportation spend. SONAR also works in concert with Kingsgate’s proprietary software and its McLeod TMS. Kingsgate’s data sets have been enriched by SONAR. As its employees use SONAR’s Predictive Rates to validate their own information, the company becomes an even better service provider. Curee’s summary of the relationship between Kingsgate Logistics and FreightWaves says it best. Summary The FreightWaves team has been an incredible partner for our group. Culturally, we fit really well together as they share the same sentiment as we do in regard to being restless as an organization. They continue to find new ways to bring value to the supply chain and we believe the partnership with their team allows us to quickly bring innovations to the shipper community.

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